On the layout a number of buildings have been named after local shippers.

1) Tipton's Chairs - Bill and Julie Tipton recently sold their home on Log Hill Mesa and have moved to Austin Texas. Bill has completed a large scale outdoor layout at his daughter's house in Austin.

2) Posta Comunications - Greg and Mary Posta live southeast of Ridgway. Greg, who recently retired from Qwest, has a large scale outdoor layout, sells large scale trains through his store in Ridgway (rgsrr@independence.net), and is a member of the D&SW operating group.

3) Pfaff's Pfine Pfurniture - Rick and Chris Pfaffmann live in Littleton near Denver. Rick is a friend from college whose father owned a furniture factory in Peoria, IL.

4) Koch's Creek Station - Keith and Bonnie Koch live in Montrose. Keith has a large scale outdoor layout at his home. He is a member of the D&SW operating group.

5) Grizzly Bear Mine - Bud and Mary Nelle Zanett live in Ouray. Bud is a CPA who comes from a mining family with a long history in Ouray.

6) T. R. Hillhouse and Sons Manufacturing Company - Tom and Sue Hillhouse live in Piedmont Hills. Tom, a retired Protor & Gamble Laywer and Vice-President of the Ouray County Historical Society, is a member of the D&SW operating group.

7) M. Graff Wholesale - Mick and Kathy Graff live north of Ouray. Mick is also a retireed Proctor & Gamble Laywer.

8) Hotel Bennett - Bill and Sharyn Bennett live in Montrose.

9) Tube's Radio & TV - Robb and Lynne Ruyle live outside Montrose. Robb is a friend from college who owns Powderhorn Industries in Montrose.

10) Schaeffer and Sons Engineers - Mining and Railroad - Karl and Janet Schaeffer live in Ridgway. Karl was a long-time employee of the D&RGW/SP/UP and is currently a consulting engineer. Bob and Connie Schaeffer (Karl's mother and father) live in Montrose. Bob is a retired electrical engineer who worked for a regional power company.