The D&SW has held seven operating sessions over the past six years. Here they are in reverse chronological order:

1) Our most recent operating sessions was on February 13th 2008. The crew members, shown below, are l to r: Tom Hillhouse, Jack Sibold, Tom DeStefano, Connie Schaeffer, and Bob Schaeffer. This yime we ran the narrow gauge division of the Denver and Southwestern Railroad. The crew made up the train in Ouray and proceeded to Placerville via Koch's Creek, Montrose, Silver Lake, Red Mountain, Silverton, and Ophir, finally returning to Ouray. Each town visited had a switch engine on hand while the road engin was newly acquired K-27 #463 with sound.

2) The photo below shows the crew (from l to r: Jack Sibold, Keith Kock, Bob and Connie Schaefer, and Tom Hillhouse) making up the train in the South Salida Yard on May 10, 2007. The trains delivered and picked up cars at North Salida, Montrose, Sneffles, Grizzly, Belden, Montrose and Ridgway before ending the run at Santa Fe. Jim Pettengill also came over to view the railroad.

3) We operated the railroad in November of 2005 but we didn't take any photos. In the crew were Tom Hillhouse, Karl Schaeffer, Keith Koch and Bob and Connie Schaeffer.

4) During the first 2004 session in mid October we operated the standard gauge division. Keith Koch, Connie Schaeffer, Bob Schaeffer, Don Paulson, Tom Hillhouse, and Robb Ruyle were present. In the first picture Connie, our conductor, is handling the car cards while Bob, the brakeman, and Tom, the Engineer await there orders. Robb and Keith are offering suggestions for switch moves. The second pictures shows the complete crew.

5) In our second 2004 operating session in early December we ran the narrow gauge division. In attendance at that session were Keith Koch, Tom Hillhouse, Don Paulson, Steve Felde, and Greg Posta. This session resulted in the famous feud between D&SW President Don Paulson and Brakeman Koch which was only settled after each side ran out of clever emails. However, no photos were taken.

6) Our second operating session occurred on November 8, 2003. Connie Schaeffer, Keith Koch and Rod Holloway operated the standard gauge division with a nine car train. After making pick ups and deliveries in Salida and Gunnison they needed to double head the train over Marshall Pass into Montrose. The narrow gauge division was opeated by Tom Hillhouse and Bob Schaeffer. They put together their train in Ouray and then serviced Koch's Creek, Montrose, the Silver Lake Mill and the mines on Red Mountain pass before returning to Ouray. Karl Schaeffer was our safety inspector and kept the operating crews true to prototype operation. Below are three pictures from that session.

7) On December 7, 2002 the D&SW hosted its first operating session. The crew consisted of Don Paulson, Greg Posta, Tom Hillhouse, Bill Tipton and Keith Koch (left to right in the photo below). The crew made up an 8 car train in the South Salida yard and then delivered and picked up loads in North Salida, Gunnison, and Montrose. The shot below shows the happy crew about halfway through the four hour operating session. Brakeman Greg Posta is holding his favorite uncoupling tool while engineer Bill Tipton has control of the throttle for the D&SW Pacific switching the Gunnison area.